I’ve been getting behind on my posting and keep trying to get caught up and then something else/new happens health-wise, so please bear with me.  I appreciate all of my followers on Twitter and everyone who visits my website.

As of today, 6 friends and/or family have passed away from COVID since the first of October (2021) and one very close friend is currently in the hospital on the ventilator.  I remain hopeful for her.  I also received news that an acquaintance committed suicide the day after Christmas (2021).  It’s been a rough few months for me.  This site is an expression of my creativity and, of course, a place to show off my undies…I need to get back to doing these positive things and not get drowned in sorrow.

Be well my friends…let’s all remain hopeful for a healthier, more prosperous new year.

Welcome to Tighty Whities, etc…a site for tighty whities (and any other underwear, really) enthusiasts…since I am really into all kinds of stuff, there will be some Speedos, ABDL, Pup, and Leather stuff. 

I also post some underwear related stories as well as a few underwear-ish memes I have made and/or come across over time.

Below is a bunch of logo graphics.  Click on any of those to view an archive page that displays posts that feature that particular brand of underwear/swimwear.  I will be adding more and more as I post more content.

Be well, my friends.

As for stories, I invite you to send me any stories that relate to underwear, particularly tighty whities or other styles of underwear (briefs, jocks, thongs, speedos).  Also with any stories you have, please send a related pic if you can…makes it more interesting I think.  I have also created a Guest Posts category, so be sure to check that out…haven’t got much going there yet; maybe you can help me out there? 

Anyway, you can use my Contact Me page for that…it also has my direct email if you think that’ll be easier.