A Training Hike in the Mountains

A number of years ago I was out West on business and had some extra time one day after some early morning meetings with clients.

With the extra time I went back to my hotel and changed into these Pink and Blue “trainers” from Tiger Underwear and one of my “Boycott Pants” t-shirts.  I drove up to a somewhat nearby ski resort that I knew would be mostly unused due to the season (mid-July).  Still, I was in the cool 70’s that early afternoon.

Anyway, I decided to take in one of the hiking trails in hopes of 1) getting some exercise, and 2) just enjoying the peace and quite of nature.  I managed to get some pictures of some nice scenery up there in the mountains…some overlooks provided some serenity you just don’t get in the city.  Also, I managed to snap a few selfies.

As you may have noticed, I did not wear pants or shorts during my trek through the woods.  I literally boycotted pants.  I did cross paths with a couple guys who were enjoying a hike as well.  I didn’t avoid them, we politely exchanged hellos and went on our way.  I did overhear them as they passed say with a chuckle, “yep, he’s definitely boycotting pants”.

P. S.  I realize I post this particular pair of Tiger Underwear.  Apart from their white ones, these are my favorites.

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