Building a LEGO Lion in Staffords

Among a handful of other things, two of my favorite things are tighty whities and LEGOs.  Recently I was asked why I hadn’t posted any pics that show me building LEGO sets.  Since I am usually in my underwear at home, it can be assume that I would build a set in my briefs.

So last night I build this small Lion LEGO set while hanging out in some Stafford white briefs.  Originally I had that blue t-shirt on, but I got a little warm (it’s been warm and humid here in the Midwest lately…especially the last couple days with all the rain we’re getting).

Anyway, here’s a rough build progression and final product.  It was a fun build.  Hope you like it…and the pics!

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  1. Kishore says:

    Dear buddy, you look cool in the Stafford as the photos sent to you. Thank you for posting such nice white [briefs].

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