BVD Double Seat Tighty Whities

I am pretty sure I first saw these on a guy I followed back in my tumblr days.  By the way, tumblr blows…and not in a good way (if you know what I mean).

These double seat BVD white briefs are super soft and really comfortable…and I really like the retro-ish double seat.  They are kind of like what Tiger Underwear makes, but I like the Tigers better (no offense to BVD).

I had to order them for Japan…they are very common there it seems.  A lot of Asian guys I follow on twitter wear them…and they look real good in them.

Eh, damnit…the link I have for when I bought them is dead now…epic sad face.

Anyway, I did manage to get a couple pairs a few years ago and they’re still in great shape.  If you can find some out there (on ebay or whatever), they are worth a try.

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