Calvin Klein 365 Tighty Whities

Damn near every morning I start my day with a shower and a not cup of coffee…normally Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll flavor using my Kuerig…love it.

The biggest decision of my morning is normally: hmmm, what underwear do I wear today?  I literally have thousands to choose from.  I generally TRY to match with what shirt I’m going to wear, but on this day I hadn’t even considered a shirt…I wanted my wake-up dose of coffee.

Still, I did choose these wonderful Calvin Klein 365 tighty whities.  I have probably had this pair of classic white briefs for 5 years…maybe longer.  They still look nice and white; they still fit great.

Oh, and how do you like my Superman travel mug?  It was a gift from a friend.

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    nice buddy look cool

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