Canyon Hiking – White Tiger Underwear

It’s almost always hot in the Southwest part of the United States and, really, the desert is no exception…especially close to high-noon.  Shady areas are at a premium and sometimes the temperature difference in the shade can be as much as 20 degrees.

Recently, my boyfriend and I did some hiking in a canyon that is more of a wash-out area that floods rapidly when the rains pour down in that area.  We are both quite familiar with this area and know that very few other people hike there during the week, and definitely not around noon when the temperature is near and above 100 degrees.

We went that day with the idea of getting some good outdoor underwear pictures, so I didn’t even bother wearing outer shorts.

This set features me in a pair of “trainers” from Tiger Underwear with baby blue and pink dashed lines on the waistband.  “Trainers” feature four layers of the fabric in front and back with one layer on the sides.  This particular pair and style is definitely among my favorites from Tiger Underwear.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention; on our way back to the car we crossed paths with a few other hikers.  I had put my t-shirt back on, but there I was hiking along in my shirt and underwear (shoes and socks of course).  Nothing was said expect a friendly smile and a hello.

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