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Fun at the Park

Saturday, September 11, 2021, marked the 20th “anniversary” of a tragedy in America.  For the day, I wanted to wear some thing remotely patriotic…made mostly of things of red, white and blue.  I wore some of my favorite striped “little boy” briefs from BigTots (find...


Red-Blue-White Lane Game Brief Speedo

Once you order something from on-line, you typically are added to their email list whether you opted out or not…or so I’ve found.  In the case of Swim Outlet, though, I like to be kept in-the-know of summer sales and clearances. This new Speedo was...


Pup Clifford on a Hike

In mid-July 2021 we were out of town for ruffly a week on business, but we also had a good bit of leisure time.  Unfortunately most of the time the weather was rainy and overcast. On this day, my boyfriend and I (Pup Clifford) found...