Category: Speedos


Turbo USA Swim Brief

In the summertime or whenever it’s reasonably warm outside, I like to work in my shop in either my underwear or a speedo…and now that I have a pretty good heater for my shop, I can do more stuff out there in the colder/winter months....


Navy Speedo in the Shop

On nice, warm days…especially in the fall and spring (but also in the summer months)…I like to work in my wood shop (garage).  I do a lot of small-detail hand work so I rarely am in any danger of splintering a leg or whatever, so...


Union Jack Swim Brief

We customarily go on several getaway weekends every year.  Mostly we try to go to remote cabins, but sometimes we’ll “settle” for a time-share condo with plenty of amenities. I’ve always wanted underwear or a Speedo swim brief that was like something Austin Powers wore...