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Red Lupo Briefs with Black Racing Stripe

We recently went on a short cabin weekend.  I also recently picked up this new “I’m Pretty Fly” Superman t-shirt from JC Penney at our local mall. It was pretty cold during out cabin trip, so I only got a few sets of outdoor photos. ...


White Racer Brief from Lupo

It’s possible many of you have never even heard of the Lupo brand of underwear, but I’m here to tell you: they are awesome and are a superb addition to my (and any underwear collection).  I know you’ve probably heard “you’ll forget you’re even wearing...


Red Lupo Briefs

If you have never had any of these Lupo low-rise micro-modal briefs, you really have to try them out.  Here’s some specs on these underwear…very much so some of my favorites.  I have them in many different colors. I got most of the from Amazon,...