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Office Tighty Whities

I often take some private “focus time” in my office to chill and to actually get some things done without interruptions.  During many of those times, I strip down to my underwear…in this case some Stafford tighty whities. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here are...


Tie-Dyed Tighty Whities

Stafford white briefs are probably my favorite tighty whities…especially the blended fabric ones (cotton/polyester). A few years ago, we decided to try tie-dying a pack of them and the pair I’m wearing in these photos turned out to be my favorite.  They are size small,...


Peace Bro

I like to this I’m a pretty hip dude.  I try to keep up with the lingo…you know, what the cool kids say.  LOL.  It’s funny for me, anyway. But anyway, I’m also fond of making memes since that’s one of the major ways to...