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USA Double-Seat Tiger Underwear

When Tiger Underwear came out with this “pattern” for a brief, I was so excited to get some. Although they are all-cotton and I prefer cotton blends, I just love everything about them: white trim, blue and red color blocks, and the blue striped white...


Pink and Blue Tiger Underwear

Tiger Underwear are definitely in my top five favorite brands of underwear; whether they are tighty whities or these colorful blue and pink “trainers”…I love them all, especially the ones that are of blended (cotton/polyester) fabric (which these are). I don’t remember exactly when these...


Red Dash Tiger Trainers

Many many years ago I was introduced to Tiger Underwear, but I cannot for the life of me remember exactly when.  I do remember hearing about and seeing their “trainers” in some underwear-related community forums and just wanting to have some.  I was awed by...