Caught in the Rain in Tighty Whities

It sure has been a hot one this summer in the Midwest. I imagine it has in many parts of the country.  It still seems we’re getting just enough rain for the crops to grow, but I like to go out to a field I found not far away where I can get some underwear selfies and whatnot.

On the day of this shoot, I was wearing a pair of classic white Fruit of the Loom tighty whities when I got caught in a somewhat sudden downpour of rain.  I knew there was a chance for rain but it sure rolled in quicker than I thought.

Either way, I went ahead and got some decent photos even though I kind of got soaking wet.  I also managed to take a quick video that I’ll be posting on my @FanUnderwear twitter account.

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    hi buddy, you look cool. Nice pictures. Keep posting tighty whitie underwear, I enjoy seeing you in them.

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