Changing into Pants Before a Hike

In October of 2017 we drove down a few hours south of our home to do some trail hiking in a place some friends had told us about.

It was fairly warm for October so I drove down in jean shorts, but by the time we got down there it had gotten overcast and about 10 degrees cooler.  Good thing I had brought a pair of jeans along to change into if necessary.

Anyway once we found the trailhead I went ahead and changed into my Wranglers right there out in the open…taking my sweet time to show off my tighty whities. A couple cars drove by but I didn’t much care that they saw (if they were even paying attention. In these photos, in case you were wondering, I’m wearing some vintage Towncraft briefs from JC Penney (which are now branded as Stafford…the blended fabric kind). 

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