Custom Underwear from Carl Wesley

Earlier this year I went out to visit a friend.  He wanted to show me some land he’d been working on that featured dozens of acres of dense wooded areas surrounding a fairly good size pond.  We’ve been friends for the better part of the last 10 years, and he knew I had a penchant for underwear and that I also maintained this website as well as a presence on Twitter.  Anyway, it came as no surprise to him when I asked him to take a few snapshots of me in these briefs in various poses on the pier.

This photo set features an awesome pair of custom underwear from Carl Wesley Menswear.  Along with his standard line of briefs, thongs, tanga briefs, and jocks, he is an excellent custom craftsman: his underwear line is hand-made.  I had him make these in Superman-ish colors.

If you haven’t tried Carl Wesley’s fashionable offering, I high recommend you do at

Believe me, it was fun to “run around” my friend’s property that day in these briefs.  We got another set or two in a couple other areas.  Here’s a link to other posts here on my website that feature his products: Carl Wesley Archive.

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