Farmer’s Field in Tighty Whities

A lot of times during the summer…actually most of the time in the summer…it is really hot in the Midwest. Many days, especially on the way home from work, I will drive home in my underwear (whatever I may be wearing that day.  Sometimes, I find a quiet, mostly remote, place to stop and get some underwear pictures.

These photos were taken in a farmer’s field only a few miles from home.  I knew the farmer had already gotten his beans in, so there was a limited possibility that he’d be out in the field or in the general area.  Still…there’s always the chance that I would get caught in my tighty whities.

By the way, I’m sporting some Stafford white briefs…in case you didn’t know.

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  1. Jamie Howard says:

    Looks great. Good fit on you bud, really like how your bulge and butt looks.

  2. Johnny says:

    Awesome! Just one complaint. Only five [photos]! My favorite brand in the great outdoors on a guy who looks great in them. Would love to join you. Thank you and looking forward to more!

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