Fossil Hunting in Tiger Underwear

Last October (2020) my boyfriend and I did some hiking in a wash-out area that floods rapidly when the rains pour there; over millions of years a canyon has been cut out of the rock. We went that day with the idea of doing some fossil hunting as well as getting some good outdoor underwear pictures, so I didn’t even bother wearing outer shorts.

This set features me in a pair of “Trainers” from Tiger Underwear at one of the many hunting stops.  These tighty whities in particular are some of favorite “tigers”…they have pink and blue dashed lines on the waistband.

I changed underwear a few other times during our outing, and there are other posts from that day of hiking and such.

One exciting thing did happen: on our way back to the vehicle, we crossed paths with a few other hikers. There I was hiking along in my shirt and underwear (shoes and socks of course). Nothing was said expect a friendly smile and a hello.

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