FOTL Green Boys XL Briefs

These are some good old fashion classic Fruit of the Loom briefs.  The only catch is, they are actually boys size XL. 

These photos were taken a few years ago when I was a bit on the lighter side…about 2 years and 10 or 15 pounds ago.

With regards to underwear, I wish one of two things could happen: 1) I was thin enough to fit in the cool cartoon tighty whitie-ish briefs they make for boys, or 2) they’d just make those same cartoon briefs in men’s sizes.

I know, I know…there are plenty of trendy fashion brands out there with lots of different patterns and imagery…I have many of them.  But it isn’t the same as the “how cool am I that I’m wearing my favorite superman tighty whities” feeling I had when I was a boy.

Anyway, I hope you like these…as simple as they are.

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