Fun at the Park

Saturday, September 11, 2021, marked the 20th “anniversary” of a tragedy in America.  For the day, I wanted to wear some thing remotely patriotic…made mostly of things of red, white and blue.  I wore some of my favorite striped “little boy” briefs from BigTots (find them on Etsy).

I chose the Superman shirt because of the colors, yes, but also because I believe that the “S” symbol is all about HOPE…that there is always hope that we (humanity) can unify and be the great beings that we were created to be…to each and every neighbor (in our communities, our states, our country, and throughout the world).

It was fun wandering around this park checking stuff out; although I looked for a bit, I didn’t find a four-leaf clover (I usually do). I did see this run down log splitter…really looked like it needed some work.

There were a couple of baseball (most likely for T-ball back in the day) fields that had been converted to soccer fields, but I had fun posing around what was left of the fence dugouts waiting for the “coach to put me in”.  Apparently this had been field 3.

Of course, this fun-loving little boy just HAD to play on the playground.  I’ll admit in body I have definitely grown up in body, but I’m still and ever-present child at heart.  (I couldn’t fit down the slide though…LOL).

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