Hillsdale Lake Trail – Part 1

Was out of state the last few days and after several days of rain, we finally got some nice weather to explore some of the nearby hiking trails.

Of course, as I often do, I took several opportunities to shed my shorts to reveal the Stafford tighty whities I wore that matched my “Tighty Whities Boy” t-shirt..

These pictures were taken along the trail in a somewhat open area…near a campground road no less.  We hadn’t seem anyone on the trail for quite a while, so I felt the chance for a few snapshots was safe.

Well, not long after we began “the shoot” at this location, a runner happened to come around the bend.  He was in real good shape; we half-hoped he’d ask to join in the fun.  Still, he didn’t have much to say…kind of a chuckle between breaths is all.  Maybe he saw and read my t-shirt and thought, “yep, he definitely is a tighty whities boy.”

I have to admit it…it was a bit embarrassing, but it is also exciting (the possibility of getting caught and…) actually getting caught in public in my underwear.

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