Hotel Stairwell with No Room Key

In June last year I had some out-of-town business to take care of that had me staying away from home for about a week.  When visiting this particular area (where I had both friends to visit and somewhat regular consulting work to do), I almost always stayed at the same hotel.  I was one of those VIP rewards members, so they knew me by name and I’d get extra points for staying there.

On one of the nights around 3 or 4 in the morning, an intensely loud thunderclap woke me from a dead sleep.  A severe storm ensued for nearly an hour.  After 10 or so minutes of realizing I wasn’t getting back to sleep anytime soon I thought: man, this would be a great opportunity to get some underwear selfies in the hallway or the stairwell (somewhere in a public place of the hotel).

So, I grabbed my phone and slipped out into the hall way…I only had a few steps to get to the relative safety of the stairwell.  As I reached the fire door of the stairwell, I heard my room down click shut…DAMNIT, I did not bring my room key.

I remained calm long enough to get several pretty good poses/selfies (if I do say so myself).  I was wearing these ABDL Star Training pants to bed (as I often do).  They help me feel comfortable and safe…which helps me sleep.

But the next part of my “mission” was perhaps the most exciting and embarrassing.  I had to go to the front desk in my tighty whities underwear (what looks like a diaper or toddler training pants) to say I’d locked myself out of the room and that I needed a new key.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, however you look at it), I knew the night desk clerk quite well from staying there so frequently over the years.  He’d seen me often in a speedo on my way to and from the pool.  He assured me that it “happens more than you might think.”

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