Jockey Life String Bikini

These selfies are from a couple of years ago…like March 2018 and feature me in some black Jockey Life String Bikinis that I’m sure I found and bought at my local Walmart. 

I am sure also that they were part of a multi-pack, but damned if I can remember what other ones there were in the pack, color-wise.

I remember liking them for the most part.  They were/are 100% cotton, so I’m sure they were either a L or an XL.  They only feature I found uncomfortable was the string part (on the hip) tended to dig in to my sides more than I wished.

Otherwise, I thought they were pretty cool!  They would probably look WAY nicer on a guy more lean.

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  1. Big Mikey says:

    I like your body the way it is, and those Jockey Life string bikini briefs look amazing on you. 😉

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