Maroon Calvin Kleins at the Park

Recently I did a “photo shoot” at a somewhat rural community park close to where I live.  I wanted to get some outdoor underwear photos.  Since it was such a beautiful day out, I thought “why not, let’s go for it”.

In this particular set, I’m wearing a new pair of maroon (wine) colored Calvin Klein briefs with my (somewhat) matching custom-designed COVID-19 mask.

I probably got a set of photos in seven or eight different pairs of underwear total, but I had to be quick about changing and getting each set.  There was a guy who was doing maintenance throughout the park…kept getting near us with his tractor and moving some rock which was piled near the pavilion you may notice in the background. I’m sure he noticed what was going on but never stopped to come over and say anything.

Anyway, I hope you like the photos!

Here’s another photo set from that outdoor session: Fruit of the Loom in the Park

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