Maroon Seamfree Jockeys

So here I am in some more Jockey underwear.  I can say that I like them, but there have been a number of iterations of the Jockey Seamfree line over the years that I don’t completely care for.

Back when I first got some, they were mostly nylon…super stretchy and very supportive.  Only trouble with strongly nylon based underwear is…you need to make sure to air dry them (not run them through the dryer).  Still, they were great….Jockey had them in different styles (briefs, thongs) and lots of colors.

Then there were these that I’m showing in these pictures.  They redesigned them to include more cotton…most likely due to complaints of shrinkage (because peeps put them in the dryer).  Anyway, these don’t hold their shape all that well through the day.  Still, as a Jockey fan, I have some in all the colors they had at the time.

Thing is now…there is yet a new version of these.  Many of the customer comments are not that favorable, so I don’t even know if I’ll try ’em.

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