MeUndies Monstera Leaf Briefs

I have one of those monthly subscription memberships with MeUndies because they come up with some awesome prints, patterns, and characters for their underwear.  Naturally, I buy the brief style.

Recently, I got an email announcement indicating they released a new series/version that featured a cotton/stretch fabric.  So…I had to get some ASAP.  Initially, I ended up getting these Monstera Leaf (on purple, obviously) and some class white ones (will post photos of those at a later date).  You can’t see it real well, but there is an embossed “Me” on the waistband.

In short, these are awesome…they fit great and are comfortable as heck!!  GET SOME!

Here are some details straight from the MeUndies site…I hope they don’t mind me borrowing their content:

A Brief Overview
“Simple, yet effective—these Briefs take you back to basics, but with a twist (hello to our fully functional fly). With full-booty coverage and our organic, soft Stretch Cotton material, you’ll feel secure and ready to take on your day.”

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