MeUndies Puppy Dogs

I first saw MeUndies brand underwear on Facebook many years ago.  Every month, it seems, they come up with new, “adventurous” patterns and whatnot that just making underwear fun to wear.

The thing is, their underwear is also just wonderful.  I often hear from companies “this is the best or most comfortable underwear you’ll ever wear”.  Well, I don’t give that much credence.  However, MeUndies definitely rate way up there.  I have dozens of their briefs…colors and patterns galore.

Finally, though, their patterns aren’t always available for long…so if you find one you like, GET THEM!

These puppy dogs-themed pair are one such pair for me…HAD to have them.

Underwear Details (from their website)

  • Features our black, no-roll, elastic waistband
  • 92% MicroModal® 8% elastane
  • Comfy, durable flatlock stitching
  • Soft, flexible waistband
  • Natural, Sustainable, Breathable Fibers
  • Imported Under Fair Working Conditions


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