Military Sport No-Show Brief

The official designation from 2(x)ist on these no-show briefs is: Military Sport No Show Brief – LG / Varsity Navy.  I like to think of them more as a striped racer brief.  I love that the two yellow strips are only on the right hip…I just think that’s cool.  These EASILY could be worn in the pool as a “speedo”.

I bought them in December 2019 as part of a big sale 2(x)ist was having on their site…they were part of the many I purchased as presents for myself.

I apologize for the lighting.  Some of the pictures make the underwear look black than the navy blue that they really are.  I remember taking these selfies in the restroom of a Firehouse Subs restaurant.  As I was leaving the restroom, I realized I had not locked the door….that could have been interesting.

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