Navy 2(x)ist Jockstrap

I have had this Navy 2(x)ist Jockstrap for years and years.  It’s more of a fashion jock and not so much a functional one…like for wearing for physical, athletic activity.

The fabric is super soft microfiber and I just love the logo waistband, that doesn’t roll easily. I think I also have one of these in maroon…I’ll have to try to find it as shades of red.

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  1. Chris says:

    I like you in this Jockstrap; I wear Gym Jockstraps myself. I like how it lifts my ass.

    • FanUnderwear says:

      Thanks…I have had that particular one for a long time…so much so that it’s actually a little big on me. But yes, I wear them for workouts a lot…for the same reason!

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