One Morning in Fruit of the Loom

In the United States especially, Fruit of the Loom white briefs (a.k.a. Tighty Whities) are among the most classic underwear there is.  Although I do not wear them all that often (and I’d imagine my fans would appreciate if I did more), I do like the way they look.

My main…only…issue with them is they are 100% cotton and sometimes that’s just too scratchy for me as I prefer blended fabrics…more comfy for me.  But along with having that preference, cost becomes an issue…some “nicer” blended fabrics and designs are definitely more expensive.

But never mind about all that: these are some selfies in my FOTL tighty whities one morning in my kitchen.  I am pretty sure I spent the whole day hanging around the house in those white briefs and a white t-shirt.

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