Orange TEAMM8 Bikini Briefs

I love these underwear.  I remember getting them as part of a subscription I once had with UnderwearExpert.  I had always wanted some but never could seem to find them.  But one month, they were a choice, so I got them.

They are a bit snug, even being size large, but they are a stretch blend so they aren’t tight in an uncomfortable way.

I should look into getting some more if they still sell them in this style.  Red would be super awesome!

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  1. Rick says:

    I absolutely love the picture of the two briefs on the towel rack!!

    • FanUnderwear says:

      Thanks Rick. I actually have a lot of similar photos like that one. Underwear (tighty whities and otherwise) hanging in random places like restroom towel racks, public hooks in changing areas at the gym, etc. I think it’s somehow erotic to see underwear in random places.

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