Peace Tommy Briefs

I got these super-cool Peace Symbol Tommy Hilfiger years and years ago…so long ago I have no idea where I found them.  I wouldn’t mind have another couple of pairs.  I bet I could sell ’em on eBay for quite a bit.

These are great cotton-stretch briefs with an awesome logo waistband and my ever favorite contrast trim.  The peace symbols are too cool, also; a peaceful, patriotic color scheme.

Oh this day, I knew I was going to wear Tommys, so I brought a tighty whities pair and these that I’m wearing in this post.  Hope you like.  Don’t forget to scroll down and download the modelling video.

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  1. May 18, 2021

    […] Below, you’ll see a pic that shows two different pairs of Tommys sitting on a restroom vanity.  There’s another post here on my site that features photos of me in those.  Click here to view those Peace Symbol Tommy Briefs. […]

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