Pink and Blue Tiger Underwear

Tiger Underwear are definitely in my top five favorite brands of underwear; whether they are tighty whities or these colorful blue and pink “trainers”…I love them all, especially the ones that are of blended (cotton/polyester) fabric (which these are).

I don’t remember exactly when these were announced (released), but I do remember the feeling of “HAVING” to get some.  I absolutely love them. These selfies were taken in my kitchen. 

The rest of the story is: I had to go have some x-rays done on my knee (I think I’m developing arthritis, eh…getting old sucks).  Anyway, I made sure to wear jeans to ensure I’d HAVE to take them off…I wanted the technician to see my cool (to me) underwear.  And even though I had to put on a gown that was loosely tied in the back, I knew she saw them.  Gave me a bit of a thrill even though she didn’t saw anything (she was very professional).

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