Pup Clifford on a Hike

In mid-July 2021 we were out of town for ruffly a week on business, but we also had a good bit of leisure time.  Unfortunately most of the time the weather was rainy and overcast.

On this day, my boyfriend and I (Pup Clifford) found this waterfowl conservation area that had a few good walking trails.  We weren’t necessarily looking for a swimming hole, but I wore a new superhero-like swim brief that he had gotten for me.  It is a bit snug but he wanted to surprise me with it so he didn’t ask about sizing before ordering it.  I WAS surprised and I love the “speedo” all the same.

It was super fun wandering around the area in my pup gear like he was taking me for a walk.  There was a farmhouse nearby, but I don’t think anyone was home.  I kind of like to think that maybe I was seen, though…makes it all the more exciting.

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