Red and Black Speedo

Although these photos were taken in my garage in late May of 2016, this Red and Black Speedo remains one of my favorite swim briefs.

Here in the Midwest it is often hot and very humid in the summertime.  Still, I often like to do a bit of woodworking or crafts out in my garage.  Normally (again, especially in the hot summer months) I do so in minimal clothing.  Obviously on this day I was wearing a Speedo, but on many occasions I will wear just underwear (and socks and shoes, of course…you know, safety first and all that).  Sometimes it is tighty whities; other times it’s something more colorful.

Judging by the ruler and foam board on the table, I reckon I was measuring an insert for the backing for a frame I made previously.  It was probably for a cross-stitched gift I made, but I honestly cannot remember for sure.

Long story short: I like being outside in the garage with the garage door open (of course) working on stuff in my underwear or a Speedo.  I live on a major road, so I’m sure plenty of folks have seen me in my “brief” attire.

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