Red ExOfficio Underwear on the River Bed

Back in April I had some business meeting (more of a information gathering thing to build a proposal on) out of state.  Near where we were staying, I remembered there was a State Park that featured a river running through it.

So, in the afternoon after the meeting on one of the days we were up there we went to visit the park.  There were some people around (mostly because the river was quite low) walking along the exposed sandbar.

We managed to steal away from most of the folks in order to get a few photos.  I was wearing the red ExOfficio underwear (mostly because it goes well with my Superman t-shirt).  These photos were taken among the rocks on the north side of the river bend.

It’s so fun to be outside in underwear…and to almost get caught or seen.  But as you know, I don’t much care about that (being seen).

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