Sanding Work in Tighty Whities

When I was a kid I often fetched tools for my dad as he did all kinds of work in the garage that he built.  Like his father before him, Dad was a pretty good carpenter.  I remember one summer he was building a vanity and cabinet/drawer set as he remodeled the bathroom add-on.  I remember often thinking about how boring and tedious many aspects of woodworking and finishing are.

Now at my age and with years of personal experience, I have come to appreciate doing even the finer detail work and the satisfaction when a project sanded smooth, stained/sealed, and completed.

Anyway, I’ve been working a large project for a good friend of mine.  The other day I was out in the garage just doing some sanding work.  I didn’t even bother to get dressed: just a cap, my Stafford tighty whities, socks, and shoes.

Who can blame me…the Midwest cannot decide if the hot days of Summer (even though it is technically Autumn) are over, so it’s hot in the garage.

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    love to wear tighty whitie stafford underwear. Apparently er wear the same size as you…small size which fits great especially cotton polyester; soft feeling on the body.

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