Sky Blue David Archy Briefs

I got these DAVID ARCHY men’s underwear from Amazon earlier this summer at the suggestion of one my great fan followers on Twitter.  He said they were comfortable as heck, and he was so right!!

They are made of a bamboo/rayon fabric that is breathable, ultra soft and lightweight, and definitely comfortable.

I got size medium; they came in a 4 pack that included black, dark gray, navy blue, and these sky blue briefs.

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  1. Rick says:

    These look great…may have to get a pair.

    • FanUnderwear says:

      Hey Rick, thanks…they are super comfortable, too. I go them from Amazon; I seem to remember them being reasonably priced as well. I will be making doing a post here in a bit of me in the Navy colored ones from that pack.

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