Star Trainers Before Work

I am definitely a “little boy” caught in a man’s body…there’s no question about it.  So, something I like to do is “treat” my inner child by wear “training pants” and the ones I’m wearing in these photos are some of my favorites (Star Training Pants is the brand). They are modeled after the toddler training pants we wore as kids. I don’t wear them for incontinence or anything like that, I just like that they are thick cotton and they provide a very safe and comfortable feeling for me.

These selfies were taken in my kitchen one morning before heading into work.  Sometimes (not often in the summertime) I like to wear them to work.  It’s kind of fun knowing I’m wearing toddler pants underneath my shorts or slacks.  Makes me wonder if anyone can tell…of course, I wouldn’t care if they did.

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