Star Trainers in the Hot Tub

We often take cabin trips several times a year.  This series of photos was taken in late January of 2018.  We always choose to stay at cabins that have hot tubs, so we have a chance to relax.

In this set, I’m still wearing the Star (brand) training pants that I had wore to bed the previous night.  Star training pants are patterned after the training pants we wore as toddlers during potty training.  I don’t wear them for incontinence issues; more for the comfort and safe feeling they provide for me…plus, they let the “little kid” in me out to play.

It was fun “swimming” in the hot tub that morning as it was very chilly.  Still, the hot tub water was a cozy 104 degrees.

In some of the photos my “pants” are wet and other in others I am still dry…I kind of mixed and matched them.

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    Beautiful [and they] look cool. Yes, the trainers are similar as the Tiger Underwear you had recommended couple years back; I have a good stock of about 14 pairs in all white.

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