White Racer Brief from Lupo

It’s possible many of you have never even heard of the Lupo brand of underwear, but I’m here to tell you: they are awesome and are a superb addition to my (and any underwear collection). 

I know you’ve probably heard “you’ll forget you’re even wearing them” or “they feel like you’re not wearing anything”; but seriously, these fit that description.  If you have never had any of these Lupo low-rise micro-modal briefs, you really HAVE to try them out. 

I do wear them often, but I take them mostly on business trips (which, as it happens, is when I took these photo selfies).  They hand-wash in the sink easily and drip-dry by morning.  Even though I take many different pairs/colors of underwear whenever I go someplace, if you have a night or two out of town…all you need is a couple pairs of these and you’re all set.

Here’s some specs on these underwear…very much so some of my favorites.  I have them in many different colors.  I got most of the from Amazon, but they seem to be out of the great colors all the time.  Anyway, here are the details:

  • Modal / Nylon / Elastane (Spandex)
  • Micro Modal Seamless Brief Men’s Underwear keep you fresh for hours on end
  • Contoured fit in front for added support
  • Seamless design prevents chafing
  • Tight fit and snug (not constricting, though)
  • Micro Modal ensures ultimate comfort

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