White Tommy Briefs

What’s better than classic white brief tighty whities?  Well, Tommy Hilfiger is no slouch in quality and comfy.  These underwear are just great.  The only (minor) issue I take with them is the 100% cotton because I generally like blended fabrics.  Still, these Tommys keep their shape all day…and their leg openings don’t go gaping on you an hour after you slip into them.  So, that is a big plus.

Below, you’ll see a pic that shows two different pairs of Tommys sitting on a restroom vanity.  There’s another post here on my site that features photos of me in those.  Click here to view those Peace Symbol Tommy Briefs.

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  1. Kishore says:

    Cool underwears. Thanks to your website, I could get at least 12 pairs of white tiger briefs in cotton polyester. Thank you.

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