White Training Pants By the Lake

An outdoor adventure near a local lake in early May of 2021 yielded a great photo shoot featuring a great many different pairs and styles of underwear in my collection…some new purchases, some tried and true favorites to include these white Star Training pants.

As I have said many times, I am definitely a “little boy” caught in a man’s body…there’s no question about it. So, something I like to do is “treat” my inner child by wear “training pants” and the ones I’m wearing in these photos are some of my favorite (Star Training Pants is the brand). They are modeled after the toddler training pants we wore as kids. I don’t wear them for incontinence or anything like that, I just like that they are thick cotton and they provide a very safe and comfortable feeling for me.

Best of all, I really like being outside in these tighty whities “underwear”. They absolutely make me feel like a kid again running around outside all free and uninhibited.

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