Woodsy Walk

Lately I’ve been trying to take a 2+ mile walk everyday.  A few days ago I learned of a park somewhat nearby that offered some trails through some fairly densely wooded areas.

Most times when I go for my walks, I will wear compression pants or shorts.  There are two main reasons for this: 1) it does help tremendously with some of my circulation issues, and 2) I don’t know…compression clothing makes me feel sexy.  For this walk, there was a good chance I might get rained on, so I went in these white Nike pants with Carl Wesley white jockstrap underneath.  There wouldn’t be much left to the imagination if I did get rained on.

Anyway, I took advantage of the deep woods trails and got a couple shots for my fun and your viewing pleasure…if you’re so inclined anyway!

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  1. Kishore says:

    Hi Buddy, looks cool myself have similar in CK. I guess we have the same liking for tight white underwears. It just makes me horny to see [men] in white underwears. Feels good. Wish I could be sitting the whole day in white UNDERWEARS!!

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