Woodworking in Star Trainers

I’ve always said I’m a child trapped in a man’s body.  Most likely ’cause I missed out on much of my childhood due to many different troubled times.  But, I’ve overcome much of that.

One thing I like to do in my spare time is woodworking.  Another thing I like to do, to “treat” my inner child, is to wear “training pants” and the ones I’m wearing in these photos are some of my favorite.  They are designed after the toddler training pants we wore as kids.  I don’t wear them for incontinence or anything like that, I just like that they are thick cotton and they provide a very safe and comfortable feeling for me.  So, many times (especially on cooler days), I will wear just my “trainers” in the garage/shop when I’m working on a project.

Most often, though, I put a pair of these on after my evening shower…to lounge around the house, play my video games, and finally at bedtime.

I love them, but it seems “they” stopped making them.  I have found some other “training pants” but I like these much more.

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